ROADCASE protective transit cases are made by traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, complemented with design techniques. Constructed from tough wall compositions of multi-layered plywood of varied thickness, every Roadcase protective case offers the ultimate protection for all sorts of valuable equipment and supplies. It's interior - designed for optimum shock absorption - comes with a lining made of a diverse line of high-density, Polyurethane foam (PU Foam) and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), effectively insulating equipment from shock. Custom interiors also include sculpted cut-outs, multi-partitioning, smooth-running ball-bearing glides, drawers and shelves. Steel ball corners in its exterior allow the heaviest of cases to slide more easily on surfaces, providing high impact protection and superior shock absorption. Machine driven rivets are utilised throughout critical construction assembly points - handles, latches, locks and other steel case fittings - to ensure your cases are kept tightly closed.

For Equipment Of All Shapes And Sizes

      Whether it's entertainment, presentation equipment, computers, precision equipment, audio-visual or film production equipment you need to transport Roadcase has a protective case just for you. Because we understand how valuable your equipment is to you, our line of protective cases - from heavy-duty transit to lightweight carrying case - has a framework that provides impact protection. Roadcase protective transit cases are of quality and reliability - just like the company who VALUE the importance of your investment.



The innovative EMS system allows you to add (or decrease) the number of rack spaces by the simple installation of additional modules. You will never be stuck with an obsolete rack again.
EMS keeps an eye on the future. You will have a personal 19" transport system that grows with your needs.











EMS racks are designed for professionals. The panels are finished in easy-clean matt black, and fitted with real flight case recessed hardware.
EMS is cleverly designed so that you can rack your equipment at the front and back, and for equipment such as mixers, you can rack it horizontally as well - something you cannot do with other racks.


Made of a ABS, anybody can easily carry an EMS rack yet it provides the same protection as a car bumper or a crash helmet.


EMS rack comes in 3-U, 6-U, 9-U, 12-U and 15-Unit sizes. You can alter the size whenever you like, by adding low-cost extension kits (in multiples of 3-U). EMS racks are the best value for money racks on the market - when you need another unit size, you won't have to fork out the total prize for another rack.


All racks are pre-assembled to the stage where you only need to take a few minutes to complete your rack with screws provided. Every rack and extension kit has an instruction sheet included.



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